Monday, January 16, 2012

the globes gallop in with a bump-it!'s baaa-ack. awards season! let the fun commence! today i am sharing my bloopers. i may not know a thing about fashion..but i can't help weighing in with an opinion..everyone else is doing it!
at our house we noticed a lot of tall hair dos. we thought their might have been a special on Bumpits! at the stop and shop.
or the stylists had a memo out...i mean is this a good trend?
and seriously..the hair on sarah michelle on top of the tie dye was ridunk.
and then came zooey channelling marlo thomas's That Girl at a halloween her..but whatevs.
and then more bizarreness from tilda..which is to be expected i guess..
cutie pie reese stopped us in our tracks with her mae west flick saloon girl #4 get up..what is up with that? didn't anyone tell her?
ugg. feeling ok? being the queen of hollywood looks like it's got you down girl! what happened? look like a sad vampire..not a bite in months.
i do get that salma is fab..but why is she wearing a metal breast plate..does it make a short girl feel powerful?
and here comes jessica biel with 3..wha?
once again lea michelle desperate to look old..wins the liza minelli FLAIR! award.
and sorry..but as gorge as kate is..she does not know how to pick a good stylist..dump-y.
ditto nicole. but she has the added bonus of looking like she died.
ok..need i say more..i mean elle mcpherson looking beyond absurd in this caraazy gown with the mini wings by the boobs..i mean who is whispering in the ears of these's the emperors new clothes every time!
see you tomorrow with my favorites.

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  1. This is a kinda mean post...not sure I'll be back.