Tuesday, October 9, 2012

alexander calder {crush}

 growing up we used to spend some time at the home/gallery of my cousins dolly and klaus perls.  the perls were so beyond fabulous..even to my seven or so year old perspective..i mean just look at them!  their gallery on madison avenue in the 70's was home to much of sandy calder's ouevre..as the perls were Calder's dealers..
so let's just say this was an early design obsession..just loved me some calder..

but if you look at these jewelry pieces today they share the same joie that they had then..and therefore equally fab.

sculpture for the body..that said i am a somebody!  hear me roar!  i mean..even georgia and peggy had to have some! 

 and i would have to say that it still looks fun and fresh and fabulous..perhaps dated..but in a really good way!  


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  2. Hi, thanks for the post. I'm a huge Calder fan! For the record, though, that first photograph of the modeled necklace (under the Perls), is not Calder's work - it's Art Smith's.