Monday, October 15, 2012


the other day i wandered over to newbury street and finally wandered into the new marimekko store!

for me..marimekko has always been major..for more reasons than one.

can you say striped shirts and bold color?

j'adore!  and the new store did not disappoint..i loved the whole loud story.

and felt immediately like making a much color and fun and happiness all in one place!

everything was displayed with brilliance and ingenuity..though i was not sure i understand those clothes..but perhaps if i was a tad over 5'1" i might..

the beds were sooo smashing, and somehow cozy at the same many fun textiles from which to choose.

i believe the one above is vintage..soo cool..and the dress below is new..
i can't wait to go back there and get some new marimekko..on the list is certainly a few of the classic striped shirts..a couple of pillows for our place..and maybe a bean bag chair for my son..
enjoy this fun video i found on their site.

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  1. I went to Helsinki, Finland about 7 yrs ago and I saw a few Marimekko stores. Love love. When I was in college my comforter and back pack were Marimekko. In Finland I bought clothing for my niece and some for some nephews. For myself I bought a pair of clogs that I love love love. They are so comfortable. In fact I was wearing them today. I wish there was a store located near me. Enjoy.