Tuesday, October 2, 2012

O jonnie! yer killin' me.

holy cannoli!  what is up jonathan adler?  this week we were "blessed" with his latest catalog..and while the man is always good..{do NOT miss that there is a chandelier hanging from that tree!}
this time it's just freakin' geniuse!

jut loving all the girls in their outdoor fantasy living spaces..i mean check out the mirrors/framed art hanging off the hedge!
a credenza on the lawn?  cah-razy!

how about my bed right here?  no probs.

hello?  this is out of controle.  at this point i am not worthy..because as all of us designers know..it is no mean trick keeping your work looking stylish and life-style-y..and for me monsieur jonathan gets the g-d prize.   

i hate you.


  1. I know..over the top. JA marketing madness !
    I spotted you on Mrs. Lillian's blog, your rugs are fantabulous...I pinned you on my boards.
    Get your "PIN ON " girl, haven't seen you before.
    Sheri Shay Johnson aka Designer Junk Finder

  2. you are hilarious Jill, and so right!