Tuesday, October 5, 2010

design inspiration: suzanis

we have all seen so many of the beautiful suzani textiles in the market over the past couple of years and see it as a trend that just doesn't want to quit. this season i tried my hand at this very modern and playful graphic, seeing it as a wonderful compliment to the other more geometric patterns in my collection. as these bowls have been emerging from the kiln over the past couple of days, i thought i would share how they made their way into our world.
initially, we look at lots of inspirational imagery, and then start to sketch out concepts for our shapes. we draw and redraw on paper before we attempt to use color on one of our pieces. and then we paint a first version onto a plate. more than likely the first attempt will not pass muster, and so we will go through many versions of a pattern before we come to a final look for the collection.

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