Monday, October 25, 2010

like no other store in the world..bloomies in the 70's

when i was a kid in NYC if you wanted to do something cool with your went to bloomingdales..period. they had it all. when you are a little girl and the epitome of happeningness is studio 54, andy warhol, bowie, and woody allen really don't have access to any of it. EXCEPT..bloomies made you feel like you were sort of close to touching it. when you walked in, it felt as though you were entering into another universe..where anything was possible. and the truth is that it was all brought to you by the merchant king, Marvin Traub. a man with real vision, he transformed bloomingdales from a stodgy, tired not that great department store, into THE place where one had to go to get the latest and the greatest. boy i just lived to go there! strangely enough, my biggest dream purchase was a mirrored indian shirt. this for me was the piece de resistance of coolness.
i got mine at..blomingdales. even my "undies" at the time said bloomies on the butt! the other thing bloomingdales did was bring the fashion of our hollywood and rock icons into the store..and make them accessible. faye dunaway was my queen!
i also adored the la de da style of annie hall, but i could never rock this look.
but bianca and mick took your breath away. thanks for the memories marvin.

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