Wednesday, October 6, 2010

i have to celebrate you baby..i have to praise you like i should

one of my favorite people on the planet is the super talented artist judith bigham, and tonight she is doing a reading from her book "Decorating, Death & Desire" in Portland Oregon where she lives with her 3 daughters, raina, lulu and idabelle. the book is her very personal journey during the year following her husband Jake's tragic and untimely death in 2008 when he drowned while windsurfing in a hurricane.
her work in the book and in her paintings is beautiful, funny, real, shocking, and always gut wrenching because it is so wildly exposed. somehow judith is not afraid to show everyone what this experience really feels like, and to hear her read from her book promises to be a major event.
if you happen to be in the portland area might want to head over to cargo to hear her, and to see some of the pieces from the book.
the bus stop/shrine above was created by judith during the Hay festival this past summer.

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