Friday, October 22, 2010

great package design

there is nothing i heart more than great package design, and so i got beyond excited when i found this italian pasta in our local cheesery Formaggio in the south end. i mean just look at this gorgeous piece of graphic genius. and who doesn't die for red white and blue?? i think it has a strong david hicks vibe..just so inspired! though the price tag at 8 bucks gave me pause..the grocer promised me a great meal, and so i was persuaded to take the risk. (and really when you think about a pasta dinner sans carne, it actually is a bargain!) as it turned out, not only was this pasta very yummy..we made a very simple dish of garlic, olive oil, parmesan cheese and parsley, i have hung the pasta packaging up at our studio for inspiration. oh and by the way..ternetta is a pasta the thickness of which is between linguine and fettucine..who knew?

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