Thursday, October 14, 2010

farmers market

this time of year particularly i have a tough time getting myself to go to the supermarket, and the biggest reason is that the farmer's market is calling me. i really look forward to wandering through the familiar stalls to pick up some yummy fall vegetables, go home, and cook it all up into a hardy the one i made tuesday night using onion, leeks, carrots,garlic, and sweet potato. oh was it ever yummy.
and then..just look at these tomatoes..notice these people from siena farm are no fools..they have placed the lavender tissue paper coyly under really make them jump out of the basket..dont you hear them..they're just shouting at you over there, "make me into bruschetta per favore!"
noooo..not the pumpkins..i mean these boys just kill me!
how about a lovely pasta funghi tomorrow night?
followed up with some beet fritters. yummy!

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