Monday, October 18, 2010

new discovery: jules reid

thanks to the wondrous internet, i have just discovered jules reid (same initials..i know!!!) who is a fashion designer based out of both NYC and virginia. i have to say i love her colorful style and carefree use of what looks like her own original prints.
after looking at the styles on her seems like ol' jules and jill are on the same design page, getting inspiration from among others, jackie o, india & Pucci..the big 3 as we like to say around here!
i have been know to wear some craaazy pants in my day..and these would fit right into the collection..
the ikat print above is just dynomite.
and this one just screams.."chablis anyone?"
ps. she is rocking some amazing big jewelry in her lookbook..but (wah!) there is no mention of it on the site..hey jules..where m'i gonna get me some of those jewels?

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