Wednesday, December 15, 2010


when i was a girl i dreamt of owning a store that would sell striped things, particularly the classic french fisherman's blue striped shirt audrey hepburn (and picasso, and coco chanel, and, and...) wore. i loved marimekko everything, but i thought i would do them one better. as i have mentioned on this blog before, i never got over my striped shirt craze, and this season i am sporting 3 in my closet!
on top of that, i have always been obsessed with vera neumann, and had another dream of one day being just like the point that my friends made fun of my signature, and would imagine my signing just "jill" in lots of other media.
this week i discovered a delightful website Chance which has both the shirts AND vera scarves! imagine?! and the colors are so anally perfect..with only red white and blue pieces shown..
they also have a section of the blog called discoveries..which is super charming and includes lovely photos, and videos of things the owners are fond of.
these are in a portrait section..
and the music video below is from the norwegian band Kings of cute!

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