Tuesday, December 14, 2010

movie star crush: paul newman

this weekend my daughter thea and i watched exodus, otto preminger's classic, starring eva marie saint and the forever wonderful paul newman who is looking amazing in this flick.
as a kid, i could not get enough of this magical actor, and it wasn't hard because he was in everything. butch cassidy, the sting, cool hand luke... i will never forget the summer his daughter lissie and i became buddies at camp, and he (gasp) spent the day hanging out with our cabin. that was just the absolute end all. well..watching the movie with my little girl, i mentioned that people had always said that my dad resembled paul very much.
but by the movie's end, thea turned to me and said.."you know who he looks like is DAD!!!" it seems that i am surrounded by paul newman's dopplegangers. who's complaining?

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