Thursday, December 16, 2010

fur vests!

this morning grabbing a cup o' joe i glance down at the style section in today's NYTimes, and noticed the new uber urban trend of wearing fur hats and fur boots, as well as, bulky sweaters with fur vests instead of a coat in the winter which they describe as now being too cumbersome! hey, try dragging this thing around town!
when i was at a stylish event last year in new canaan i must have seen 7 women sporting this confusing trend. i cannot figure out for the life of me how this look works. the times (the voice of "reason) explains that the look was pulled from the ski slopes..but if you ask me it is more from the lodge rather than from the hill...can you imagine trying to move in one of these things?
oh..and best of all..every time i look at the ladies in this "IT" look i can't stop thinking about satyrs and cave girls. really!! i am so this cute? no i say, put that thing down girls!

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