Friday, December 17, 2010

off to the mountains

we are headed off on our winter holiday to go skiing, and i wanted to kvetch a while to y'all..because i haven't a thing to wear!! so upsetting. in my mind, i will look like mrs. kennedy.
but in reality, i am afraid i will be resembling our friends in the photo above. wahhh! i have my old faithful 60's red ski hat..check! my moth eaten cashmere sweaters..check! the matching hole filled black cashmere scarf..check! and some scary fiber unknown, practically plastic grey slacks from banana republic in the 90's that seems to wick away the water..and i pretend are hip vintage skiwear..check!
maybe i need this stuff! check!
i mean..would it hurt anyone if i had a much deserved little chanel shopping spree? a girl's gotta look the part if she wants to shuss with pride..right?

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