Tuesday, December 21, 2010

design crush: trina turk

when i get revved up to start my designing for a new season, i often turn to trina turk for inspiration.
it is probably obvious to see why i like trina..we are certainly kindred spirits with our love for color and pattern..but in addition i am drawn to the lifestyle of the trina people.
i mean i love these folks! who are they? do you know them? i don't! these are certainly the party people..right?
i can't get enough of this sunny funny life by the pool beach airport..just breezing by us..with their brightly colored frocks..i want in!
and puhlease!! the dudes are just to die for! do you know these guys? please introduce me because i am in love!
this vignette with fabulous heels just left here in this fantasy space..is perfection..can i go here? how did you know i just love limeade?
i think trina turk is a designer goddess. she truly gets it with her styling, and all her beautiful clothing, accessories, and now home looks. i bow down.

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