Monday, December 6, 2010

crush on maira kalman

last week i bought the new maira kalman book as a channukah "gift" for my daughter..but we all know it was really for moi.
what can i say..move over tara donovan as my imaginary best friend, and helloooo maira!
this book "the pursuit of happiness" is maira's exploration of american history, and america from her visits to washington dc, monticello, Ft. campbell Ky, and other sights maira thought were interesting.
she is a marvelous painter with the most touching and insightful perspectives, i could not put her book down.
i think maira was genuinely shocked at how exciting and interesting she found america and her people, and her enthusiasm was infectious.
most certainly this book is on the top of my gift guide list. so run don't walk!

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