Thursday, June 30, 2011

Merci Matchbook

oooo. lookee lookee..what showed up today? Matchbook Mag that's what! and it was all so simply and beautifully done. thank you katie and shannon and everyone at matchbook who helped make this lovely story about the studio happen.
i mean these pix are amazathon..right? yup..thank you so much studio roomie sarah winchester! rush right over to matchbook now..a fabby online pub that honors Law and me this month.
you made me feel like a supershtahr.


  1. yes jill, matchbook magazine is the source of everything fabulous! looooved reading about your studio and checking out your site. my wish list is long!!!
    congrats on the feature, the photos are stunning. :)

  2. My pleasure you and your pieces are easy to photograph...both so fun, beautiful and photogenic. :) It was a blast.