Friday, July 6, 2012

alexander mcqueen

 i never knew much about alexander mcqueen, just that he was one of the more avant garde of the celebrated fashion designers, and that he dared make a teddy bear dress..which i liked for the sheer ballsiness of the whole you go ladies..take a teddy bear collar!  work it if you dare!

 i also knew that he worked with Lada Gaga and i imagine he helped define not only her look, but her entire persona..was moved along by his bravura approach.  i think she has a lot to be grateful for..and i wonder who she is turning to now that the genius left the building.

 while on our recent jaunt in london..we stopped in at the Victoria and Albert museum which is a blast and entirely devoted to design.  while we were there we saw a meh exhibition of ball gowns from 1950 to the present.  but they had included a couple of monsieur mcqueens  creations.  i was blown away.

 he really takes the cake.  everything about what he did was impeccable unique strange twisted and beautiful all at once.
 it is no wonder that the Met gave him a show recently..sadly i never got there to see it..but needless to say i imagine the work was mesmerizing.
 his craftsmanship is out of control..along with his ingenuity..

does genius always burn out so quickly?

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