Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Laduree {Branding}

 my mom told me that when she lived in paris in the 60's near the madelaine, she would stroll over to Laduree nearby, and nab a chocolate macaroon!  ( like going to the local starbucks..not!)

so while i was in paris, i made the required pilgrimage over to her old stomping grounds to have one said choco-mac of my very own..and check out the original  Laduree.

i was instantly struck by several things all at once.  first ..the BRANDING of things!  anything that is good these days it seems is massively and cleverly branded to maximize profits..or something like that...there can't be just one amazing original on a special spot in paris..there has to be a gazillion of them (on madison airports!)so that every one can share in the delight of the PRODUCT.

BUT! as a product designer myself i get it.  Laduree rocks as a brand.  i appreciate the genius of it as a business..but as a romantic i sort of bemoan the loss of the specialness of one off shops.

trust me..if i was looking for something fabulous to brand..this baby might be the ticket..i mean look at how gorgeous..the colors the packaging the font!  fab-rageous!

and oh miracle! they even taste good.

  hey.. since when did macaroons supplant the cupcake?  just sayin'

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