Friday, July 27, 2012

fall palette

as i head into the fall season when i have to design a new collection for the NYIGF,
 i often head over to to check out what the fashion folks are thinking
vis a vis fall2012.

as luck would have it, senor marc jacobs was saying yes to some very powerful
 color combinations and textural variations for LV.  je loved them.

you have to have balls to put those hats on the girls..right?
but i can't get enough of the rich hues, and the combinations!

i also think that burberry prorsum has some fabby shades.

this handbag in the coppery orange/red is making this pic

it's not hurting these looks is all about the bag in that crisp acid yellow here.
and below the peacock satchel with the brassy top zings the blacks and charcoal pieces.

i call these colors worm..loving them too..and below..though i have always loathed purple
this garnet shade from tory burch is killlling me.  don't miss the little handbag in that lovely shade of lilac is giving the look an extra oo la la.

the colors from these  designers were just a great reminder that fall has a lot of richness to the season,
 and it is best  to include these vibes of warmth and cozy when choosing my new palette..
i have a lot of decisions to make amigos.

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