Monday, July 2, 2012

dining room DIY paint project!

here is an old photo of our dining room looking at it from straight on..the walls are painted a pale color from Pratt and Lambert..i think it might be Catawba Grape..and we are tiiiiiired of looking at it.

 don't get me has been a great color for and happy and bright..and not cloying..but i have been ob-sessing over painting a new shade of happy kelly-ish/apple green for a while now..
and so this is what we (really just lawrence who will be doing ALL the work) did to it this weekend!  on the top is kiwi by ben moore..on the left is..can't remember ( i will get back to you on this)  and on the right our clear winner..four leaf clover..also Benjamin Moore)!  i realize how risky a color this is..but i wanted to try something fun and crazy thinking it will be genius!  but trust me i am worried.  wait til later this week..and i will send you the image of the completed space..keep your fingers crossed.

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