Thursday, July 12, 2012

cocktail ring style..i do!

gotta love a good cocktail ring shot..right?  i realized exactly how much i do like these when i saw the pic below on pinterest today..of lindsay holding onto the original bargello mug..with the honkin' jet ring on her finger.

 the colored nail polish adds to the effect of these shots as well.  i  just started working with a new stylist on some marketing shots for fall styling is on the top of mind.

my daughter has way gotten into this trend of a different color on each finger..she even did an ombre nail coloration when we were in london..lots of work..but well worth it in the end

as we design the fall collection..i will think about how all the pieces are going to look with a manicured/ring clad hand holding them

just you wait henry higgins..that s*&! is going to be bad



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE a big cocktail ring.....and come to think of it a big cocktail as well.

  2. Made from precious or semi precious stones the term ‘Designer Cocktail Rings’ was coined during the Prohibition era when a number of style conscious American ladies would wear big bold rings to illegal cocktail parties.