Monday, July 16, 2012

oh my living room!

my friend and decorator chris b.(though that is not his real profession) tells me that if people really knew how i lived, there would be shouting in the streets..something like.."you are a sham and a fraud jill r."

because if the truth were revealed..the people..they would see that i am just a harried housewife..looking to pull a look together..but not quite getting it right all the time!  oy with the time/effort/shekels/expertise a girl can't always git what she wants..right?

having said that..we are finally getting it together (fingers crossed) here at chez lawrence et jill..having just purchased these adorbs chairs..that we hope will go with all the pillows we have collected..and the new jill r. hex rug we just laid down..a little koookay..but that's moi..and hey i AM going for genius after alls!

what is next i'm afraid is another paint conundrum..oh to find the perfect shade of pale blue grey..below is stonington from benjamin moore..but the ones below are a mystere..

thoughts?  advice?

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  1. Is the paint color in the living room, the picture with the woods floors Stonington Grey also? Looks great in both pictures