Friday, May 6, 2011

wedding outfit final {no more decisions}

so here is the nanette lepore dress that i will don for my sister's wedding next saturday..i love that it is called the "twirl me" dress, and yes, it is twirly and romantic
i was just thinking that i would share the many choices of shoes that were are the very new cute jacks i tried at first..but as cute as they are..i can just see them flying off of my foot as i strolled accross the lawn!
my next stop after cuio was kate spade's shop..where i saw this and a couple of other fabby flats..but my thought was...the dress needs a onward.
next stop was banana and cole hahn where i tried on a bunch of these numbers which were said it..torrrrrture devices..and my thought a major non-high-heel wearer..better to stay away from the lady/grandma pumps..and head toward the more fun espadrille..jeans compatable sandal that i can actually see myself throwing on for a summer date night.
i mean..look at this thing..really??

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