Monday, May 23, 2011

W Hotel in Washington DC

Lucky lucky us! we stayed at the DC W Hotel on Friday!but it turned out that despite the great press on this hot spot, it just may have been too hot for us two.
we arrived at the W very late at night after our event, and there was a phalanx of doormen standing in front of the door blocking our entry into the hotel! inside there was a real hot clubgoer party vibe happening, and we just wanted to go to bed!
our room felt like something right out of scarface..with an uber 80's vibe..but before we hit the hay we took a peek at POV the hot nighclub on the W's roofdeck. the view is outrageous, you can see everything in DC..but the beat was too pumping for our tired selves and we quit the scene early.

after a serene night of sleep, we had a quiet breakfast downstairs in the dining room, and it was lovely and delish.. but all in all i think we will stay in a less piping hot spot for our next biz trip to DC.


  1. Ha! I did a little spa trip there for an anniversary gift and met a friend in the bar for drinks that evening. It was definitely "a scene." I nearly died laughing when she walked in wearing an L.L. Bean anorak. The food was very good.

    You can go next door, to the Willard Intercontinental for a lower key experience.

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