Wednesday, May 25, 2011

70's style icon [Halston]

i was a little girl in the 70's, and though i was not aware of most of the very important things..i was very influenced by fashion designer Halston. he dressed all the big names..bianca, jackie, liz, and of course..LIZA!
think about how intensely tacky that era was..i mean all i need to say is wide ties..and you know what i am saying is true. but Halston's clothes were cool and slick and sexy.
and even though i was just a little kid..i knew..this guy's got IT!
i mean you don't have to be tom ford to get how good and prescient the dude was.
lots of these styles would look good today..almost 40 years later.

40 years.
and even though the dude spent a lot of time partying with a bunch of celebrity drug addicts at studio 54..and was probably burning the candle at both ends..
he rocked the fashion thing like nobody's business.
i mean come on Halson.
you're killing me.


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