Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{Studiomates} brooklyn studio

the new york times had a fascinating article the other day about a collective work environment known as studiomates that is located in (duh) brooklyn!
i had never heard about an office like this one, but after reading the article it sounds like they are cropping up all over in places like cambridge and toronto where individuals have businesses whose only employee is the biz owner and their only major piece of equiptment is a laptop. if only!
studiomates looks like a fun place to work every day..i mean check out the view of the bridge! and you can bring your dog!(though i didn't see any babies..maybe?) and when once upon a time your office would have been the you have a whole roomful of people to share your ideas with, get feedback, and find a yummy place to get takeout! j'adore...maybe 369 congress will be the next place for a studiomates type of loft to crop up..we shall see.

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