Monday, May 9, 2011

margaret cho's beautiful

i watched this for mother's day..and i do love her..though this film is particularly dirty margaret..and waaaay naughty..but i just think "ooo you go margaret cho!" because she is right most of the time..about alot of things..particularly the concept that people believe what you tell them about yourself. so margaret used to think that beauty was a gift that she wanted so so badly, but then she realized that if she told everyone she was in fact would be like starting a rumor about yourself..that you were beautiful, and everyone would believe you. looove that!

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  1. I just found you via Oeke Design Blog. She did a post about your amazing ceramics. I felt hooked instantly! I just love your work!!! I wish I had more money coming in right now cause I just loved the cocktail tray in chevron pattern as well as all your other creations!!!