Friday, May 27, 2011

expletive overload

i come from a long line of women who curse..well to be honest..not my ladylike grandmother dorothy..but most certainly both of my mothers love/d a good curse word..or maybe a whole long string of them. so let's just say i am no stranger to the f bomb. but i think am through. cee lo green's song "forget you" was a fave until i heard the real thing. (ok so i am out of it..i had no idea the song was really called "F You") i blithely was listening to it on my beloved pandora the other day when i was shocked to learn the real lyrics. wah. i think "forget you" is so so much more charming and smart. wah. everywhere i go in my daily life i am confronted by trashy talkers..and i begin to notice how yucky it is when i am listening to it with my kids. why should i be surprised? look what's on the box? mob wives is essentially a show about lady wrestlers/roller derby queens..taking their fights into the dining room/living room. awesome.
so i am trying to go on an expletive diet. wish me luck.

1 comment:

  1. A) We need to campaign to have the name changed to "Million Dollah Decahratahs" haha. I love it.
    B) I love this color combo!!! So fresh and so fun fun (to be read like an Outkast song)