Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my living room [needs help]

i don't mind admitting that i am no decorator, and for more years than i would like to admit my living room has been in trouble. it is an agony to be a designer and live with such sad furnishings. so last month i marched myself over to our local jonathan adler shoppe, and said to the kindly and comely Andrew, "Help me!". believe it or not, without hesitation, he marched over here just like that! amazingly, he pronounced the space fixable! hah! we are "blessed" with too many chairs in the room, he said..and deftly proceeded to remove our bummy barcelona chairs from the living room and put them cozily in our bedroom for extra seating. our tragic modern boxy chairs (covered in a heinous bordello crushed velvet) he pronounced un-save-able..and sent them to the trash. he produced a photo of this..the parker chair..and commanded us to order it..okay!
in this turquoise fabric.
he felt confident that grouped with my pair of '70's magical swivel chairs in this funky roberta roller rabbit dotty fabric..and my new hex rug on the floor..
along with a bunch of new turquoise/navy pillows tossed around..

that my brown couch and my paprika linen drapes, as well as a whole bunch of other mismatched shenanigans will all start to make design sense!
i can't wait!


  1. I love the chairs. An obsession with chairs runs in my family, so I understand how easy it is to find yourself with a few two many.

    A good friend saw the post I did on you and informed me that you will be in my area doing a show this weekend (not only was she familiar with your work, but already owns several pieces). So I will be heading over there with her on Saturday. Look forward to meeting you then!

  2. yesss doing a trunk show this weekend in dc!
    i will post on this tomorrow i think. meeting you there will be very fun..thanks for writing.