Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the beautiful berkshires

lawrence and i were married at gedney farm in new marlbourough massachusetts, and if you want to know the honest truth, i think it was the wedding of the century.truly the bershires are magical, and new marlbourough is one of the most perfect places i have ever been. the barn below is where we had our celebration, and i will never forget it.
this past weekend my family and some special friends got together, and rented a house near a lake in Otis. for an adventure we decided to go for a hike in the 1000 acre swamp, and we were able to stop by new marlborough. there on the green is the classic new england church where we had our ceremony, and the old inn which is a very romantic place to stop for a dinner that you can enjoy entirely by candlelight.
after we got lost in the swamp..(i kept humming the theme from gilligan's island) we stopped for snacks at the nearby southfield store.

the place has really spiffed itself up in the past few years, and signigficantly changed itself from the special grocery store it once was.
now it boasts a small cafe and restaurant, and though we were only able to have some snacks there i think it would be well worth a return trip so that we could stop by for a real meal.
can you say charming?


  1. Jill-- you need some pics of the farmhouse in all it's shabby-chicness! oh ps, I found your blog!


  2. My husband and I stayed at the Inn on the Green in New Marlboro that weekend! Love their restaurant - so delish - and our room was gorgeous. Highly recommend.

  3. You're right. Wedding of the century! Especially for my husband!