Thursday, June 23, 2011

billy {meh}lliot

yesterday, we took the fam out to see the toronto production of billy elliot here is my uncensored review. 1. i was shocked to learn that sir elton wrote the songs because there wasn't a great one in the bunch..and this is a hit musical! 2. the choreography and staging of the production was the best part of the show. 3. the boy who played billy had a weak stage presence, and though he was a good dancer, his affected northern accent was annoying. 4. the star of the show is kate hennig as mrs. wilkinson billy's dance teacher. 5. the showstopper is a slapstick-y number in which billy and his cross dressing friend michael put on women's clothing, and romp around the stage. i gave the show a 7.meh out of ten.

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