Wednesday, June 8, 2011

crushing on {orange + taupe}

i cannot get enough of this new favey color combo
orange and taupe together..
sophisticated and elegant with a wee bit of subversion thrown in
just the right amount

be on the look out for more of the same in our fall collection.
a little bit hermes-y
a little bit louboutin ish
perfection..your thoughts?


  1. Opps!!! I think I scrolled to the bottom! This comment clearly belonged here.
    Take II
    A) We need to campaign to have the name changed to "Million Dollah Decahratahs" haha. I love it.
    B) I love this color combo!!! So fresh and so fun fun (to be read like an Outkast song)

  2. There was a piece at your DC in those colors that I LOVED - but sadly it was marked "sold." Maybe next year...