Friday, June 24, 2011

design crush: {xenia taler}

a couple of years ago i had the pleasure of travelling to el salvador with fellow ceramic designer xenia taler. we had never met, but we were put together by aid to artisans to create a new line for a la palma 5 days!!!
it was one of my favorite design adventures ever, and was certainly more inspiring for us designers than it was for the el salvadorans. isn't that the way?
nevertheless, xenia and i formed a true, and wonderful friendship. and the other night we visited her as well as her family and friends who live here in toronto. we had a marvelous time, eating and talking shop (can you blame us?) so this morning i am celebrating the wonderful work she has done with barnes and nobles. i now always carry a xenia bird blank book with me for sketching and hangman!
see you at the gift show xenia!

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