Monday, June 27, 2011


when we were in toronto we visited an alter to chocolate..Soma. ohhh soma. how yummy are you? i must admit that in the old days, when i first encountered a chocolate specialist who offered me treats from the cocoa beans from around the world ("oh must try this single source 75% from Tobago"..i was totally turned off by how much fuss he was making over his chocalate. "oh just give me a Lindt bar dude!" i thought to myself..but these days every one makes just this kind of fuss over all kinds of food i suppose i am used to it. Soma is one of those beautiful spots where they take it to another level, and because the stuff tastes so good..i guess i got over my initial aversion.
Soma's lovely shop is located at the renovated distillery..which is a cool maze of cobblestone streets and old brick factory buildings. Soma's neighbors are a cool assortment of galleries, design stores, cafes, and unique restaurants.
while we were there we enjoyed an assortment of wonderful homemade chocolate,(i take mine dark) and tasted a deliciously smooth chocolate gelato.

if you are headed to toronto any time soon..soma should be on your sho.

(pix from little red kitchen blog, and soma website)

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