Thursday, June 2, 2011

one mellion dollahs

so yesterday i got an email from elle decor reminding me to tune in to the bravo show..million dollar decorators.i admit, that i really had not put the "event" into my i cal, but once reminded i did get excited. but then i learned from our friend erin gates (elements of style) that the show had premiered the night before! whaaaaa? yeesh.
i read with interest erin's post about the show, and to say the least she was saddened and disgusted. it turns out the show features many of her most favey decorating stars, and they turn out to be heinous humans.
are we surprised? i mean this is bravo's strong suit. taking people out of context and making them look like selfish, spoiled, outrageous morons.
this is otherwise known in the biz as good tv. the people..they lovdore this chazzerrai.
my big burning question is that if these designers truly are stars, why on earth would they choose to build their brands through a show destined to make them look like douches. are they deluded? have they never seen one of the other bravo shows that focus on individual talents? or are they so ridiculously narcissistic that they believe they will be made to look positive on their own show.
it would certainly be a first.

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