Thursday, June 9, 2011

pinterest (interest)

lawrence and i just got this great place in the hamptons..we are so excited! we were thinking of hosting a really awesome din din, and hiring ina garten to do the cooking..
then everyone can get cozy and have a whompingly fun sleepover..
the next day we can all just go hang out on the beach, catch some waves, read the new know..suuuuper casual!
do you wanna come?
{in my mind} all of this brought to you by my new thing pinterest. i suggest you go on over for a fun.


  1. Pinterest is addictive. I'll go check out your boards now.

    As if we needed one more thing...

  2. I'll be there! Until I see you again (in DC or in the Hamptons), have a great summer... Scotty O.

  3. In a heartbeat ... going to check your pinterest now!

  4. you best invite me. we'll jaunt over on our speedboat with Captain Charley.

  5. What fun to dream up this perfect Summer house! :)
    p.s. really loving your graphic prints right now! so stunning!