Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Smitten Kitten

last weekend i went to palo alto for nephew benno's graduation from stanford. on monday we had a playdate in san francisco before my late afternoon flight home. we got to hang around a couple of groovy hoods, had some brunch in the castro, and then meandered over to the hayes valley where we discovered smitten ice cream!
anyone who knows me will tell you that i adore ice cream, and i am not a brand snob..though i do love my ben and jerrys (lawrence often calls those guys my boyfriends), but this place was uber mod, and oh so fun. in the first place their space was built from 2 shipping containers..and let's not forget that the brand name is very hot...Smitten! for ice cream? come on!!
but then there is the ice cream which is concocted from all natural (this is san fran people) ingredients, and made into ice cream by using liquid nitrogen. modern. i was bummed that they had run out of chocolate..though my choice of the salted caramel was very nice (other flavor basil rosemary mint just not my thing).
mostly i just loved their super contemporary style that attempts to mix up the old and the new..the hokey and the slick. kudos.

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