Wednesday, November 24, 2010

all saints spitalfields

a while back we lost our pottery barn to a clothing store called all saints. the front window took my breath away because it had a lit up grid of gorgeous old singer sewing machines. brilliant!
as many stores do, they left their front doors wide open, but the greyed out industrial vibe did not call out to my color infused sensibilities. so much greyish blackish dirtyish stuff i thought..not for jill. but oh how wrong i was!
saturday afternoon i darkened their door for the first time, and oh what lovlies were revealed to me! the store is very conceptual, and it does not veer away for a second from the concept which is extremely filmic, and had me wondering whether a costume designer who had perhaps worked on everything from mad max, and brazil, to a slew of dickens flix like nicholas nickelby was responsible for this line of clothes!
everything from the interior of the store to each garment of clothing is infused with a very specific aesthetic that is silvered, tough, sexy, industrial, military, british-y. there are tons of details sewn into each garment that make them at once uptight yet they are super throwaway casual at the same time. if you check out their jeans they are a wonderful (japanese denim?) fabric in a truly desirable shade of blue/grey/silver/black? t shirts are deconstructed , and sort of hard to figure out how to wear..but i loved it all..and i cannot wait to go back!

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