Tuesday, November 23, 2010

rugs part 3

it looks to me like surya had a field day making samples for my new rug collection..because i just got this morroccan tile rug group today..and i am going bonkers!
these ought to satisfy those of you who were crushed to see the west elm rug disappear.
here is a fern green color that rocks..right?

annd i am dying over the combo of the dijon with the greige.
the chocolate is a classic that will go anywhere.
and here is the greige dijon in the reverse combo. lots to love.


  1. I die over all of your rugs. EAGER to see when they become available....!

  2. Jill I love your work! Amazing! When will these be available?

  3. I love tilerug8. The color makes me feel like stepping on a mossy rainforest. The color would fit our beach house's color scheme. This kind of rug however is very delicate that it needs skilled carpet cleaners Chesapeake, VA. Accents like this remind me of my adventurous youth. I used to trek and witness the beauty of nature but now that I am old I just fill my house with details that reminds me of Mother Nature's embrace. Going back, to preserve the beauty of this rug, carpet cleaning (Chesapeake, VA.) should be done correctly and with the use of green products.