Monday, November 22, 2010

fiorentini and baker

i thought that i was done with boots, but as it turns out i am not. perhaps it is just that i wear boots every day in the colder months..which right about now feels like all the months because we are headed into 5 more months of boot weather! or perhaps it is simply that when you see something swoonworthy that is made with care and great attention to detail, you need to sit up and take notice.
the other night, i was at my trunk show at the Hudson store in wellesley( where by the way every girl was wearing knee high or higher low heeled boots..what's going on?), and a client walked in wearing a tall over the knee brown leather boot that had a short tie up the back and a side zip. these had the perfect combo of girly and throwaway that i adore. really anal without being fussy superbness.
well, wouldn't you know they are fiorentini and baker (never heard of them) from barneys! oh..double oy!
these babies run over $ if you have the shekels lying around i suggest you run..don't walk over to your local barneys shoppe, and grab a pair. i imagine with the recession on and everything they are probably flying off the shelves.
my only problem now is that i cannot for the life of me figure out how many pairs i need!
maybe something with a heel?
this is the pair the client wore..loooove.
and i love how comfy these would be at the studio. wish me luck.

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