Monday, November 15, 2010

baby sasso party

yesterday, thea and i came over here to the studio to a baby shower for dave and jhill (with whom we share our studio) that was designed and created by our amazing asisstant Lizzie Vaughan (she is pictured here tidying in our entryway). i cannot tell you how absolutely blown away i was by what beauty she had created from very simple, but smart design elements. our studio had been completely transformed into baby shower heaven.
here is a wall of cute photos of dave and jennifer through the years where our ceramic trays normally sit.
above are these marvelous memory cards lizzie invented for the party that each of us filled in that was meant to be pasted into a baby book..questions included.."how i met your parents.."
cakes and treats below the color cute!
i died over these gorgeous apples topped with sasso flags..which is the pet name dave and jen have chosen for the baby prior to its' birth.
the sweet flowers are made from coffee filters..clever right??

i regret not cutting right into this thing..yummy.
gifts and flowers adorn our painting tables..

drinks served on our slabroller..
and finally this snow flecked gothic cathedral bundt cake in our studio by thea.

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