Thursday, November 25, 2010

jill rosenwald rugs part 4

surya just sent me the last of the rug designs for this season, and they really have not given me a heads up as to when the rugs aqre coming out for the public. the more that you all let them know that you want them though..i think the faster we'll see them in the market.
so let me know your reaction to all of the ones i have posted in the past week or so..and i will give them your feedback. i want to know which ones are the faves..which are the not so faves..and which are the out and out duderoonies!
i know it is very hard to post on my email me if you would like. at that way i will get a feel for what direction we should take.
this red one is amazing right?
the little ones are just the color sample size, and will be made in the bigger size if people like them.

i think the black here is killer..very americana.


  1. Jill,
    These are gorgeous! I'm working on a house right now and can't wait to put these rugs wherever I can!

  2. LOVE your rugs! Cant wait for info on where to get these