Tuesday, November 9, 2010

fashion fiasco

ok. here's the deal. i find that quite often i feel like i am from planet qrxmar, and that i walk as an alien among my own people. this is because i feel like i naturally want to swim upstream, against the grain, you name it, i am fighting conventions. my mother though is often on the same page with me..so we at least have company in our out of it-ness. i will get to the point. i am looking for your help. i do not know what to wear at work in the colder months. when it is freezing outside, my studio is tropical. i do walk to work, so this means layers. by the time i strip down most days i am wearing nothing but my white tank top..from hanes. nice. oh..and i do not look like jodie. sorry! this is a look i MUST get away from. but i am at a loss as to the alternative. i do shop..but most of the time everything is ALL wrong. OY!!..i have found many spirited tanks with tie dye looks..too high school. and also some ruffled/ruched numbers that look absurd on my tiny frame, and do NOT work with sweatered layers! please help me stop wearing my underwear in public! write me with your suggestions. i am in great need, and i am depending on you dear sweet reader to point me in the right direction, and away from my fashion don't. oh..and ps. i work with my husband..so looking nice is part of the objective.

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