Thursday, November 11, 2010

fall boot conundrum

can we talk? the thing is..lately fashion is pain to me. i really don't know what to buy my people!. i am at a loss. my mother claims i am uncertain about what image i am trying to project..but i beg to differ. this is truly not the case. it is not i who is is the fashion world foisting it's unrealistic ideals upon me, and i am forced to swim in these waters.. a girl cannot go barefoot in boston..and the old dogs have had one too many facelifts according to my man. so here thoughts on the boots for fall. oh..and once again i could use some solid advice here peeps. so..apparently ralph is saying that the numbers above finished with shearling are a must..but i say no way, no how, non non s'il vous plait. i need to be able to walk my girl. and to me these simply say hobble.
are we bowling now..or walking? no thanks.
ok..michael kors. these have class..but they're rubber..and unless it's raining..faggedaboutit!
oy with the bondage trend. je don't think so.
pocahontas i am not!
do these come with the little round granny glasses? yuck.
puh-lease..when i see girls in these..i am seriously tempted to knock them wouldn't take much.
tie me up tie me not. ewwww.
ahhhh. this is more my speed (franco sarto on piperlime). walkable..pretty..if a bit butch. but i work in a studio not an office park. so now i am just a tad it really going to be uncomfortable shoving all the fabric of the jeans down into these? heeelp!

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