Monday, November 8, 2010

Evan and Oliver Haselgrave

Leafing through the design issue of New York Magazine the other day, i came accross the article about the haselgrave brothers who live and work together in Brooklyn (what is it abolut brooklyn these days??). the brothers who came to the business ( called hOmE )organically over time, design and build restaurants, and other commercial spaces from scratch, by hand, using salvaged and recycled materials in ingenious new ways. this is such a crafters aesthetic and i am a sucker for it. so much love must go into each of their projects, with all the details that are required to fit their puzzles together.
i adore this wonderful recycliing of an old hammer as a door knob.
your kidding right? what is the shovel doing there? is this where they get water? beautiful!
and this cocoon is where they sleep. keep out girls!

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