Wednesday, November 10, 2010

home in a rock

here's a good story. yesterday i was checking one of my favorite blogs..elements of style which had just posted about this stunning jewel of a house in the san juan islands near seattle. as i scanned the pictures with envy, i had a sinking feeling of dread that perhaps i knew the owners..having several friends who live out there. sure enough, merrill wright who comissioned this home is a friend of a friend and patron of my work!
even more annoying..dear friend judith had just spent the weekend there! the nerve!
well it does give us the inside she reports that though the house is stunning, with piles of impeccable design taste..the house has it's imperfections! HAH!
we all know that the sun never shines in washington judy says that the 3 days of the year it does come out..this spot will be magnifico!
what can i say..jealousy brings out the devil in me, by the way the sink below is ridunk.

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